Rubbish service?

In my bid for cleaner streets in Hodge Hill, I’ve asked why the city isn’t taking tougher action against the selfish minority that drops the rubbish in the first place. I have some shocking news. New figures which I have extracted show just THREE littering penalties a week were handed out in a recent 6 month city ‘blitz’ in Hodge Hill – at an incredible cost of nearly €300 per ticket issued. Only 54% of fines handed out were subsequently paid. City politicians can’t blame people dropping rubbish and then fail to use the law to fine them.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe the reason for the lack of a blitz is because maybe, just maybe some one is using common sense. It serves no purpose enforcing punitive fines on the public when councils are guilty of so much mismanagemnt in waste disposal on a MASSIVE scale. Chasing a few dropped burger wraps or a couple of coke tins may seem a good idea cos you can identify a criminal and fine them, while tackling the much harder and bigger issue of your fellow departments is not a great PR exercise and involves long term investment with no guarantee of success.


    Great article in the mail, hope to god you are not really like…are you?

  2. I think it is terrible that you are wasting your time doing this in Hodge Hill !!!

    Don’t you realise this is a NATIONAL PROBLEM and a disgrace !!!

    Some places are worse than others, but a tolerance of graffiti and scruffy streets just lends an air of decay, deterioration and despondency to a place.

    I don’t approve of the ‘filming the miscreants’ thing, and I’m not a big fan of ‘on-the-spot’ fines – but couldn’t people doing ‘Community Service’ clear some of it up, like Naomi Campbell and Boy George had to do in America ?

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