Message from the Bromford

Just home from an excellent residents’ meeting on the Bromford, where I’ve been campaigning hard to get two empty tower blocks detonated. Residents simply cannot believe the council is thinking of returning them to social housing after spending so much emptying them and ‘securing’ them. The big question was if the security costs £10,000 a month, why is their no visible security and drug-dealing in the empty flats. My marching orders from the meeting were clear. Organise some local demostrations, invite Central TV down and dare the head of housing to come and explain what planet they’re on. Watch this space.


3 Responses

  1. Please can you provide an update to what is happening with these empty blocks of flats?

  2. Hello i am Aimee lee and i am 12 years old and i live on the bromford. Me and my friends get very bored when we are playing outside mostly because we do not have any clubs or a propar comntuiy center. So i am asking you to please do somthink or arange a meeting with me and my friends thank you

  3. Please can you give an update as to what is happening with the new health centre for Hodge Hill covering the Bromford area.

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