School place breakthrough – thank you, Mr Balls!

Liam, Schools Secretary Ed Balls and school staff in Bordesley GreenThe Birmingham Mail has news today of a £40 million breakthrough in our campaign for 1,000 extra school places in inner city Birmingham. I lobbied Ed on the need for extra places by bringing him to Bordesley Green to see the pressure on places for himself. Now, Ed has given the green light to £40 million more for local schools. We’re big winners. We’re now destined to have a new primary school in Bordesley Green in 2011/12 plus extra places at Thornton, Greet and Regents Park, with an additional 210 each, George Dixon with 105, and Hodge Hill, 91.


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  1. Hi

    I think the news of £40million for Birmingham Inner City schools is fantastic, however living on the outskirts of the city is fraught with problems regarding school places and offers that would involve children of 11 travelling considerable distances to school. When my son was offered a place at Waverley High School it would have required him travelling to the City centre then back out again- obviously this was not acceptable nor is it for the numerous children placed under similar cirxcumstances. Fortunately I am assertive and contacted the Catholic diocese and he acquired a place in the local Catholic high school.

    P.S. Please tell Gordon to stay firm as there are people who still have confidence in him.


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