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£100 Billion in Tory Cuts – What An Old Classic

Iain Martin’s column in Thursday’s Telegraph blows the cover on an underground movement gaining speed on the Tory right. It’s the movement to go far beyond Cameron cuts to public services.

It’s Conservatism alright, but is it really progressive?

You can, it is said, often see some-one’s true character when they are under pressure. Challenged by recent months, Mr Cameron is rolling back the years. Not simply in his front-bench appointments, but in the very essence of his politics. Gone is ‘progressive conservatism’. The nasty party is on the road to return.


Fairness by Design, December 2008 

Article for Fabian Review on Labour’s social mobility agenda – the debate will shift to the question of how are we going to build a great society in a global economy.

Progress Interview

Liam Byrne talks to Jessica Asato and Mark Day about how Labour can transform social mobility in Britain.


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