Linking the generations

One of the best things about this time of year is the way the generations come together. I’ve not visited many communities where people don’t want young and old to come together more often in the kind of partnership that we feel we’ve lost. Where we can grow mutual respect – and teach each other what we know. So, to help the Cabinet Office is today launching a £3 million fund to help recruit 20,000 volunteers to join projects that bring young and old together. We want the programme up and running early in 2009. Let me know if you’re ideas of things to do.


Crunch Spririt?

A huge ‘well done’ to the Jamie Reynolds, Ali Reece and the team at Birmingham’s Christmas Crisis who I went to see at Great Hampton Row this morning. Teams of vounteers have been working round the clock to give some of Birmingham’s homeless somewhere warm to sleep, hot food, some Christmas prezzies and some seasonal cheer. There were, quite frankly, an incredibly inspiring lot who have puts in hours and hours of work for others.

Like a lot of charities, the Crisis team have had more volunteers this year. I was talking to the Daily Mirror about ths idea today. Quite frankly, anyone who argues Britain is broken should come and see what’s some of our incredible ‘giving generation’ are upto. There’s nothing broken about the spirit I saw this morning.